Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Traveling Adventure part 1

After a bit o' travel and a week to recover from said travels.... here we are.
Where are we? I don't know. Middle of Iowa is what I've heard!

Unvortunately, in me not updating, YOU'VE MISSED A LOT! So let me try to catch you up without boring you into insanity.

...Ben doesn't let us read TO him or decide when reading time is. He instead picks a time when deadlines are approaching. He says "hey! That deadline is going towards mom, that means I should too!" He grabs his drool-proof books and comes right over expecting me(us) to expand his vocabulary, imagination and understanding...

I'm busy kid, read them yourself.
...And because he is my son, he of course does Everything I request.

Really it is quite cute - and we rarely resist his reading requests.

This past month, Benjamin added AIRPLANE RIDE to his list of "things I've done." He of course won't remember the ride because of the sleeping agent I slipped him, but he Was awake for enough of it to flirt with the flight stewardess and get us an extra bag of cookies. ("Stewardess" by the way is the longest word in the dictionary that you can type with one hand when appropriately using the home-row keys on a qwerty keyboard...).

Here is a map for those of you who are directionally challenged (I understand...).

Now, with every airplane flight comes an airplane story... so I'll do my best to keep this one short - but at the time it felt a bit like a light-year. Myself and Benjamin flew into Baltimore about 2pm. Jared was flying in from a conference in Atlanta and his flight was to arrive at 8pm.

This time difference was not a problem as the Mikes had big Baltimore plans for myself and Benjamin. We took the train into the city (quite a nice city I might add!) and saw many things including cool bicycle signs.

Benjamin got to drive a boat

We almost got ourselves run over by a train.

Aaand the NCAA Lacrosse opening something was happening. That was pretty neat. Why they needed to bring their stick things with them into the city was baffling, but it was what it was...

So we get back to the airport (because we have to get Jared who is supposed to arrive at 8pm, remember...) BUT! Atlanta is being peed on as if it were a bathroom in a frat house where every single drunken individual has broken the seal. So we wait with Benjamin in the airport until midnight. Ben pushed his stroller around and around and around and around and around.... then ate some Teddy Grahams and pushed his stroller some more.

Good thing was that he made it :) But then we had to drive...
**and you were Wondering why I hadn't been blogging!!**

But once we made it - things were much much more relaxing. Except for for Rocket who was Not happy about our presence - mostly the presence of Benjamin. I can't say that I blame him. Ben has a hell of a grip and if you make him let go, he lets out his ear-piercing pterodactyl noise.

SO what do people do out east on a vacation? Word on the street is that Gettysburg is a pretty swell place to visit. In fact, it is! Even Abe is pleased.

Ben laughed for no apparent reason...

And cannons point to KFC. How can you go wrong when a cannon is pointing at KFC? Popcorn chicken anyone?


While out there, a theme became apparent "Anything for Benjamin!"
So when it was hot out and tupperware containers were no longer working as splash pools, papaw came home with a blow up pool. Fortunately, there was only One slight mishap which wasn't even really related to the pool... Probably moreso related to me being to busy playing with a camera instead of paying attention to my child. bad parenting-moment #727 I think we counted it as... :D

There is more... but that is enough for now.
I mean....... I haven't even gotten to the birthday cake experience!!!

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Shelley said...

oh you guys....just make me smile....enjoy him..isn't it time to have another one? c'mon! get going!!!