Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mega Block Destruction

I grew up with two older sisters. This past Friday we cruised home for a quick visit to meet our newest nephew, Cristopher. I'm lacking on photos from the event since we used Erica's camera, but once I get them we'll update.

Speaking of siblings... somedays Ben makes me feel like I have older sisters again. Here I was, playing brilliantly with my Mega Blocks and building a giraffe. I had to use my taekwondo skills to keep Ben away while the building was happening and once it was completed... i took 3 steps toward my camera, turned it on... and caught the speed of destruction. Ben even knew to take it out right at the legs for the most efficient obliteration ...because of course he wouldn't want me to have time to possibly salvage it.

Thanks Ben. Just wait - I'm going to destroy Your giraffe ....

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Anonymous said...

ah, only the love a mother can provide.