Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adventure part 2...

Where did I leave off? I think it was somewhere close to Ben's first b-day and the photos that accompany it.

I will do my best to narrate the experience of Ben's first birthday cake, but... I really feel that the photos tell a story of their own.

At this point, Ben is still a bit unsure of this whole "frosting" thing:

Later on he realizes "hmmm alright, alright, this is I going to get in trouble?"

Then it hits him "THIS STUFF IS AMAZING" and he begins smashing it into his face faster than really fast things. I had to squeeze his nostrils like a toothpaste tube to get the blue frosting out. We found blue boogers 3 days later...

At some point he missed his mouth and got some in the eyeball area...

I believe he felt at least slightly betrayed by the experience. It is a bit how professional cycling is these days. Any rider who wins gets to celebrate for about a day or two before being accused (probably rightfully so) of any imaginable method of cheating - crushing your career and childhood dreams. I'm pretty sure it is the only sport where you are better off in second or third than winning....... And then they look something like this:

Maybe it is a stretch...
What isn't a stretch though is how nice it is out in the PA world. I mean... I mean they have TREES! and HILLS! and and... we don't have that here in Iowa. Instead we have turrets ridden weather:
**sunny, sunny, normal and sunny, STORM, sunny, partly coudy, STORM AND WIND, sunny, overcast, TORNADO WARNING**
Even the schools out there look nicer.

They had wonderful little lawn chairs out too for students to sit in.
You get GRASS here you wimp... Not just any grass... grass where you will Probably get pegged in the head with at Least one frisbee, football or flying frat boy. Yeah! Welcome to IOWA.

Where was I? Thats right! Benjamin's birthday.
Disapproves of my digression...

Well his birthday wasn't until the 10th, but it was decided to celebrate it early because... why not? With this however, and with the pressures of leaving PA soon, Ben KNEW he needed to get his walk on.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet........


Now he wanders the house singing

Ben's birthday also brought about a few new toys in the mail... however the fantastic lego blocks (which myself and Jared end up fighting over to play with...) remain secondary to the goddamn Dora car.


Don't let me fool you though... even I have been spotted taking it for a pre-bike ride warm-up spin...

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