Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer runs!

Well hello summer, how are you doing? Yeah? Oh wonderful!

Our schedule is pretty well jam-packed for the next month or so... this past weekend was the wedding of Bob and Angie!!

It was a fantastic at-a-park-outside kind of wedding that featured some spectacular weather,

AMAZING meat/veggies/fooood caters by our dearest Mr Drew!

and the wedding cupcakes meticulously prepared by Jared who put his master baking skillz to the test!!!
They were....simply delicious. Carrot, vanilla and chocolate surprise...

Ben was, as usual, very well behaved. Just before naptime he got a bit fussy... but Auntie Kris well... after mocking him a bit:

put him right to sleep.

Playing with his Dora toy that Brooke left to us...makes him tired
Makes us tired too listening to the song it plays OVER AND OVER AND OVER. He pushes the horn and knows it plays the song and at first its all cute and "oooh look at him dance to the soong!!" and then... "Oh... dear Lord, please... let us wake up and there be a 'mute' button on that thing..."

Then it all makes sense why our good friend Brooke left it to us right before she left ...

Note Brooke with the evil toy in hand...ready to present it to Ben...

which reminds me of what last weekend was...gradu-freakin-ation! That's right, myself and Brooke and Troy and a few others graduated from graduate (whatever 'graduate' means) school. Brooke has accepted a job in Tampa Florida as a prof while Troy is going to Vir-gin-ia Tech... Virginia is for lovers?

Brooke cleaning up a party-foul... supposedly mine but I wasn't even Near it so... :P It was Probably Ben's fault.

I graduated too and this might be confusing to some people because... well I'm still coming back to school. See I graduated with a Masters of Arts in Environmental Graphic Design (wayfinding, exhibit design etc.) ...but in order to be a professor at some point we (in the graphic design world) also need the letter F on our pieces of paper... So I am returning for a Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (graphic design etc.). Apparently sitting in a classroom and being poor for a few extra years of your life qualifies you just that much more for teaching positions... I don't know and you probably don't care about that at all... in your head you are screaming "what are you talking about and where are the pictures of Benjamin!??!??!!!!!" and I say

needy, needy people........

So those were the past two weekends.. not to mention any races, softball games or taekwondo tournaments... it is as if we actually have 3 children we're chasing after in extra-curriculars but we're the children... eek! 4 if you count Luda needing swim practice and running... haha...

In the coming weeks Jared will be headed to Atlanta for a conference and I am headed to Sterling then we'll converge out in Pennsylllltucky... Pennsylvania.

We'll try our best to keep updated!

Happy Trails!!!!

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Anonymous said...

miss you.

and for the record, we didnt give the dora car to ben to get rid of the noise, but now that you mention it.....