Saturday, July 10, 2010

Michigan and Fairy Tales

We lied to benjamin tonight. Yep... we did. He found a penny and we told him that he could/should put it away in his little piggy bank. Well we then got out OUR change jar and had him put it in there.......... Then explained all the coins were treasures we captured whilst on our pirating adventures. Someday if he collects enough of his own - he will have his own treasure... especially if he collects it in our jar.

It is like... telling him there is a Santa, or an Easter Bunny.
Besides.... for the messes this kid makes:

I think we deserve to have some fun with him right!!?!?

So in spirit of taking Ben along on fun adventures whether he is aware of how much fun it is or not... He came along on a last-minute trip up to Michigan with myself and my parents up to the Leno Cottage (my mom's aunt&uncle's house) in Arcadia. While there we embarked upon the National Cherry Festival. This is serious business to these people. Every MILE down the highways is another booth selling some sort assortment of berries, juice, vegetation, junk and pie. So when all of These berry picking/selling/eating come together for a week along with unusually warm weather and a fantastic amount of sunshine this festival was PACKED!

It is just too bad their website is ugly...

Traverse City has delightful signage though...

I think the Cherry Festival should Probably become a family holida... somewhat like Christmas only we're eating the berries of Dingle (as opposed to santa?) Thus... we can make Dingle Berry pie. It has a nice ring.


Also... the latest, greatest invention I've seen since the Wii:

I would eat cereal ALL day, everyday with that bowl... ice cream too probably.


Anonymous said...

clearly you havent heard what most people call dingle berries???? "yes, may i have a pie filled with the small poop balls which hang from a dogs butt, thank you, have a nice day."

Its dangerous business walking... said...

haha i DO know... that is why i thought it was funny....