Monday, April 26, 2010

ScottsMAN to the rescue!

I am not sure who ever had the bright idea of putting a lock on a bedroom door... a lock that isn't easily pick-able from the other side anyway... but I think that that person should be punished along with whoever was responsible for Windows Vista, and the culprit behind the iPad.

A few months ago we had discovered our distaste for this door locking phenomenon as one night while going to check on sleeping-Benjamin we realized we were locked out. Some of Jared's efforts included typical lock picking techniques such as credit cards (which showed that good credit does not equal lock-picking street cred-it...) and bent out paper-clips. Then Jared moved on to trying to lift the plate thing behind the door knob

in attempt to get a better view of the locking mechanisms. This act BROKE THE HAMMER. Of course the hammer was probably bought at somewhere like WalMart which means it was made in some sweatshop in China with sub-sub-sub-par materials by ...


He eventually also tried holding onto the door knob stem with a vice-grip to just twist it open. All while Benjamin was asleep.

So Why do I bring this up now?
Well tonight, while Jared was away at taekwondo... I was on Ben-patrol. At approxomately 20minutes before bedtime I went to go into Ben's room (we keep doors shut because Benjamin has a tendency to find Anything we wouldn't have wanted him to find.) to do the whole diaper change/pajama routine. But the door is locked.
Fortunately...I had just folded a number of pajamas that were in the clean laundry basket.... eyeing me with the little footies "fold me you bum, FOLD ME!" so I could still pajamafy ben. ...But time kept passing and the man who knew how to get ben's door open with minimal damage wasn't home and all Ben wanted was his crib, blanket and a few sweet dreams!

The ending to this story is exceptionally anticlimactic as... after 30 minutes of screaming about how tired he was, Ben fell asleep on my shoulder and of course Then jared comes home. Using his brute scottsMAN strength to open the door... somehow.

^^ This is probably something close to what Jared felt like in his accomplishment. ...with less hair up top of course.

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