Thursday, April 8, 2010

The blogosphere w/o gravity

Well shoot, it appears that we have fallen off the blog-earth for the past MONTH. Apparently the blogosphere as we know it doesn't have much in the way of gravity. The abstract growth it expands into must not actually consist of any matter... oh well.

It would take me a full day to play a game of catch-up and though I would love to journal all of our adventures to you, I think instead I'll spare you from the procrastination you know you shouldn't be partaking in.

So in a quick review... early in March we drove ourselves out west to Colorado. Aunt Deb and Uncle Ron were kind enough to let us stay with them again... despite our pooping, screaming, crawling, adventurous, smiling, drooling little man, Benjamin!!! What's more, Jared's Mom came out and joined us too!! Benjamin got to have some grandma time and we got to get some mom time! Things that make jared and ben Very happy

Benjamin took full advantage of being spoiled...attacking the fridge at the first sight of possible undetection.

we hiked

and visited Estes Park

and Jared met his long-lost Grandpa

We did a lot more, and yet did a lot less! Mostly, we relaxed. Thanks so so so so much again for another fantastic vacation week!!

Unfortunately, upon return... reality reared its ugly face at us. Ugly face... like like something with an ugly face that I can't think of but I will do a Google Image search for by the end of this post if I remember... The day after getting back from Colorado, Jared headed out for a full week to San Francisco for a conference. Meanwhile back at the ranch I was wrapping up my Creative Component to be submitted.

It all worked out - Benjamin and I rode to daycare together as the weather started finally to warm up in these parts

and we spent plenty of time at the park where Benjamin realized the joys of swinging

Many people (especially the Art&Design secretary...) consider myself and my close friend, Brooke "crazy" for doing this whole grad school thing while also being parents... Well normally it is just fine and a most remarkable joy to come home to a squeeling mini-jared, but with Jared away for a week..... An epic battle had begun!

Where my most used design books once lived:

Benjamin discovered. He also discovered that Mom frequently pulls the books off of the shelf...and so he should do the same! Without risking the carnage of crinkly, page-torn, drool-filled warfare... I surrendered my white flag and traded out my books for Benjamin's

aaaah, the sacrifices parents make...

That is the smirk of victory on his face, DOMINATION in his eyes... he even has his hand extended onto the books that were his victory not unlike the Charles Peale portrait as he reveals his magnificence:


Anywho... enough drama,
Jared made it home safely from his California adventure and I happened to pass my oral examination "unconditionally" which means I will get to graduate as the first person with a Masters of Arts in Environmental Graphic Design... whatever that means.

So now, let us return to our regularly scheduled programming...

-- with the best hopes of updating much much Much more frequently!


wsxwhx722 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Amy said...

Yea, congrats to you, Kim, on passing the oral exams for your degree. Ben is adorable. Glad you had a spring break trip. Good luck wrapping things up! :)