Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Imagination Station

I'm currently in a design class where we are each designing toys or games for kids. More specifically, this game is to initiate the inclusion of (for my chosen audience) low-functioning autistic kids within the normal social structure. That is all wonderful and fine but in researching, our class visited the on-campus lab school where we can observe kids (as if I don't have 3 kids of my own at home to observe... Creature doesn't count as a kid, she is more like a couch pillow.) we were told about how kids really Learn to make-believe.
This is ... obvious in many ways. I'm quite sure there is not a genetic link to little girls pretending to be princesses hiding castle towers - UNLESS Disney has its own genetics lab in which case I am totally Wrong. But the point is that kids "pretend" play earlier on if they are exposed to such play earlier on.
Oh My God. Benjamin will have full on multiple personality by the age of 19 months. Okay no no, I know they are entirely unrelated, but it was funny anyway.
I never though to share before... but there have been times where Jared and I break into imaginative play for a dirty diaper change - it usually goes something like this **in starfleet type voices!!**

Kim: Captain, captain!! We've been hit! There is a leak in the lower cabins!
Jared: Alright, EVERYONE! move to the changing station!!!
Kim: *lays benjamin down* The damage looks severe, captain!
Jared: *making blaring alarm noises*
Kim: The ship is shaking too much from the damage, I can't get the panel open!
Jared: *holds down ben's legs* I've got it! GO IN! Release the poop-keeper hatch
Kim: *more alarm noises*
Jared: *cue dramatic catastrophe music*
Kim: How will we ever clean all of this up? It will take at least 4 wet-wipe-electrical patches...
Jared: Don't worry, we can do it!

etc. etc.

Where was I? oh yes, The conclusion of my day was that Benjamin will never need siblings - he will have plenty of an imagination. And if he doesn't have that, he will at least have fat cheeks and a double chin:

Theeere, that's better,

Yes yes, spring is FINALLY here, for real this time!
Which means two things: bicycles
(I tried bringing Thai leftovers home to jared, unfortunately not much of it made it...)

and garage sales. I bought a wheelbarrow last weekend at a garage sale... for $2. Yeah. $2. I've already used it for laying some brick out front (not pictured...will picture when I complete the project) and for hauling a shovel and some... twine. Twine is heavy these days. Those chemists make it out of some heavy element or something.

Also... let the evening campfires return! Jared and Bob brought home broken boards from taekwondo and though this picture makes it appear as though we are going to burn down our shed and the bicycles, halloween decorations, etc. within... we are not - the are for campfires...in the fire pit.

And quite possibly the thing we are almost the most excited about this summer is our garden!!
Jared and Bob got some poop from some farmer (farmers have the best working poop) and then Jared rented a rototiller to rototill it all up. Jared sometimes gets a little giddy when talking about his garden. There is that twinkle in his eyes... the one I imagine he had as a kid when someone told him he was going to get to go to the arcade.

So here's to the "Best Year Yet!"

filled with fresh coffee (thanks for the mug, mom. Yes, I do use it regularly!!!). There is something ironic about it however which is that... to read the "best year yet" one must be right handed. As a left handed person I only see a blank yellow side that leaves me having to just Know that this is probably the best year yet... story of my life.


Kris said...

Awesome ending. The difficulties that the lefties have to endure.

Thanks for sharing this stuff. Even though i get to see you pretty regularly, it's cool to know your take on what's happening in your world.

anand said...

you guys are the BEST PARENTS EVER.