Monday, April 19, 2010

Old People.

We had PBS on this morning and there was the Antique Road Show commercial... this one:

At which point I commented on how i would watch that show Every day if it were on... Stations play Law & Order endlessly, why not the road show? Or the History Detectives show, have you seen that one? dork-tastically fun.

The influence of TV on fashion and pop-culture then started to fizzle in my brain and it occured to me that if WE (myself and Jared...and ben?) watched the Road Show all day... we would Probably start dressing in a similar fashion to how people dress on that show.
.........Imagine myself or Jared showing up to teach a class as our twenty-something selves but dressed like this:

Somedays, critiquing student work Does feel a bit like this though:

as students bring projects that are still in incubation stage for me to look at... It is up to me in the next TEN seconds to determine if the direction they are going is totally a flop and worthless, a fake and copied, or design prodigy gold and they should keep going. Of course there is any stage between those, but you get the idea.

Our recent discovery of Julia Child being on PBS every Saturday morning
has motivated both of us to cooking even more - but I'm sure it won't be long before I start wearing poofy orange blouses - And it has gotten us more excited than anyone would have thought possible about our gardening/vegetables and such.

Progress is good. Jared fenced it in this past weekend and got a few goodies planted.

He asked me, when I went out to take the photo, if any green things were sprouting yet. I was sad to report the only growing in the dirt-poop is ...bird poop.

No worries though... it appears we have Cheerios growing in our front yard

The effects of animal poop on grass can be seen in our backyard. I believe you can also tell the exact radius of Luda's chain. Yes folks, where all of that long grass is... there was at one time a Luda-poop. He is clearly a morning pooper since that is usually the only time he is outback on his chain. Ha.

We've also laid some bricks down as a border in the front of the house - unfortunately as dirt poor (like that use of dirt??? huh??) graduate students... new rocks or mulch will have to wait another month or so. In the meantime, we'll plant some flowers and maybe our bushes will come back alive in time for new rocks!

---off to dinner

has anyone seen my slippers around??...

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