Saturday, November 28, 2009

Great Thanks and Greater Understanding

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

Jared's Trifle:
mmm made from scratch Everything

Turkey Carving

Ludacris being Ludacris


What Rhonda should probably make as her new profile picture:

My Sweet Potatoes (Thanks Amie) They were delicious!! mmmm...

Jared and I were unfortunately under the weather the entire break (and the week before...uugh!)... So it was nice not having the stresses of traveling and instead having Jared's parentals coming over to cook some turkey and take Ben out on adventures. (Thanks guys, you were very very helpful and it was a Wonderful time having you visit!!).

It will be really really wonderful to get to see ALL of our family over Christmas break though, we are much looking forward to it... Someone needs to get on designing teleportation because... this whole not seeing family for months on end is tough!


In other news, I ...would like to declare what I believe to be the most difficult thing about parenting.. It isn't the sleepless nights-ish (though somewhat related), it isn't the terrible diapers, or even being spit-up on 23 times a day... I think it is the inability for kids to communicate and/or the inability for parents to understand the said communication.

Dear Benjamin... I can't wait for you to talk so you can just TELL us when you're constipated and ...just need a few gas drops. That would be much much easier than trying to read your mind. Thanks.


Usually by the end of our breaks from school we have beautiful cycling/trip photos....... buuut since we were sick, this was about all the riding we did...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Months

Well, Ben's 5 month b-day has come and gone and ...we are constantly amazed. Everyday.
His growth appears exponential.

Not only is he sitting up on his own... He's holding his own bottle, eating strollers

and doing tkd kicks apparently.

He likes watching Luda take naps... and eyeing which spot of fur he's going to grab onto next.

he also likes pretending Luda is his horse...

Okay... maybe it is us who pretends that...

But mostly he enjoys just being Dang-diddly-CUTE!

The time really has flown by... remember when he was This small?

And he didn't really do much but eat and sleep... and now, whoooah boy. He's trying to crawl everywhere, he jumps and bounces in his stand-up kaginger

and squeeeals like a taradactle! and sometimes he closes his lips and blows out elephant noises... So great. Soon they'll be REAL words! ahhh!

There has always been something ...special... about taking Ben to the grocery store...
a: all the ladies/women/girls look back to make sure they get a peek.
b: all of the guys ignore your presence
c: people in general will get out of your way!!! (jared is particularly fond of this he likes standing at the cheese for a minimum of 15 minutes...debating which to purchase... and if Ben can get everyone out of Jared's way AND keep them away... that means no distractions ...!)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Green and Orange Tribute

Remember the project I mentioned a couple months ago... The bike Jared is building?
WELL!! The time has come and it is done!!



There were many other process steps... and many more trips to BikeWorld (thanks again, you guys are the greatest...) ...but alas!!!


Jared has his very own, personally designed... campus cruising fixie.
Check out how BRIGHT those wheels are!!!

He wanted green and orange and... for it to glow.
If you look close enough you can see a green tint to the wheels, pedals and the middle part of the handlebars... Yep, those parts all glow in the dark. In typical Jared fashion... it is like No other bicycle out there. He is excited.

Benjamin is soon to follow in his father's green and orange obsession:

Thanks Aunt Deb for the sweater - its perfect for this season!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Weekend Away

Grandma Topp and Aunt Amie came Friday and took Benjamin for the weekend - My mom had work off and ...I had tests/projects/party to get ready for. ... So when she called Friday morning to ask "would you like me to get him for the weekend?" I said "uuuh YES!"

Benjamin didn't miss out on his first Halloween though, don't worry. Kris and I took him down to Main Street and joined Brooke and Logan in some business-style trick-or-treating.

Logan was my buddy for the afternoon

While Kris cuddled Ben and kept him warm

...Brooke hung out with the stroller... ;)
I'm kidding, I let her hang with her kid for a Little bit of the time

But shortly after, Ben took off to Illinois... And THEN it was time to get serious...about Halloween.

Saturday started with playing around on mt. bikes in the backyard, but after that official business was done, the SHED was decorated!!!
This is where we kept the tunes, food and beverages.

It featured a skeleton on an old schwinn bicycle in the back, a couple strobe lights, some orange stringed lights, many spider webs (some real, some fake!!), lots and lots of entirely unhealthy food (most made by Sami!!...thanks Girl!!) and who knows what else... oh oh! a painted pumpkin on the side that isn't pictured.
Right out side of the shed is where our fire-pit is. We started the sacrificial stew at around 3:30pm ... it featured bacon and... any/every vegetable that was found at the store that Might have a chance in a stew. mmmmm. YUM! Good job, boys!!!
Even Luda dressed up for the festivities!! He too enjoyed the stew...

Many joined us including Einstein, Disco that died, Courtney Love, some guy they introduced as Lenny??, a gay guy in the military, a zombie doctor, the Dude and others... whoah!
The best part was the company, it was just a Good Good group of people...

Sunday was homework/study/clean-up day and Monday we were missing our little Benjamin. When we met my mom in Iowa City (2 hours away for each of us) to get him... the moment he saw/recognized Jared his eyes widened like you wouldn't believe. They BURST open and his little bottom lip tucked under to make that unforgettable toothless smile... and his arms and legs started flailing... I think Jared tried to hold it in how proud he was at Ben's excitement - but I bet he'll remember it for a long long time.

**will post more halloween pics as others get around to it... i didn't have my camera out much at all**