Saturday, November 28, 2009

Great Thanks and Greater Understanding

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

Jared's Trifle:
mmm made from scratch Everything

Turkey Carving

Ludacris being Ludacris


What Rhonda should probably make as her new profile picture:

My Sweet Potatoes (Thanks Amie) They were delicious!! mmmm...

Jared and I were unfortunately under the weather the entire break (and the week before...uugh!)... So it was nice not having the stresses of traveling and instead having Jared's parentals coming over to cook some turkey and take Ben out on adventures. (Thanks guys, you were very very helpful and it was a Wonderful time having you visit!!).

It will be really really wonderful to get to see ALL of our family over Christmas break though, we are much looking forward to it... Someone needs to get on designing teleportation because... this whole not seeing family for months on end is tough!


In other news, I ...would like to declare what I believe to be the most difficult thing about parenting.. It isn't the sleepless nights-ish (though somewhat related), it isn't the terrible diapers, or even being spit-up on 23 times a day... I think it is the inability for kids to communicate and/or the inability for parents to understand the said communication.

Dear Benjamin... I can't wait for you to talk so you can just TELL us when you're constipated and ...just need a few gas drops. That would be much much easier than trying to read your mind. Thanks.


Usually by the end of our breaks from school we have beautiful cycling/trip photos....... buuut since we were sick, this was about all the riding we did...


anand said...

hope y'all are feeling better!

and i think you're 100% right on with the communication thing. i forgot-- are you planning to do sign language with him? i've seen it work with simple things ("more", "milk", "food")-- i wonder they can also learn things like, "pooooooop now!"


Its dangerous business walking... said...

yea sign language.
But wrong sign language.

Like.... lift two hands up for poop.
Stick your finger in your nose for hungry
wiggle your fingers for... milk.
walk backwards fooor.... chocolate.