Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Months

Well, Ben's 5 month b-day has come and gone and ...we are constantly amazed. Everyday.
His growth appears exponential.

Not only is he sitting up on his own... He's holding his own bottle, eating strollers

and doing tkd kicks apparently.

He likes watching Luda take naps... and eyeing which spot of fur he's going to grab onto next.

he also likes pretending Luda is his horse...

Okay... maybe it is us who pretends that...

But mostly he enjoys just being Dang-diddly-CUTE!

The time really has flown by... remember when he was This small?

And he didn't really do much but eat and sleep... and now, whoooah boy. He's trying to crawl everywhere, he jumps and bounces in his stand-up kaginger

and squeeeals like a taradactle! and sometimes he closes his lips and blows out elephant noises... So great. Soon they'll be REAL words! ahhh!

There has always been something ...special... about taking Ben to the grocery store...
a: all the ladies/women/girls look back to make sure they get a peek.
b: all of the guys ignore your presence
c: people in general will get out of your way!!! (jared is particularly fond of this he likes standing at the cheese for a minimum of 15 minutes...debating which to purchase... and if Ben can get everyone out of Jared's way AND keep them away... that means no distractions ...!)

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s said...

I love the one of him looking at Luda...these are great!!