Monday, November 2, 2009

The Weekend Away

Grandma Topp and Aunt Amie came Friday and took Benjamin for the weekend - My mom had work off and ...I had tests/projects/party to get ready for. ... So when she called Friday morning to ask "would you like me to get him for the weekend?" I said "uuuh YES!"

Benjamin didn't miss out on his first Halloween though, don't worry. Kris and I took him down to Main Street and joined Brooke and Logan in some business-style trick-or-treating.

Logan was my buddy for the afternoon

While Kris cuddled Ben and kept him warm

...Brooke hung out with the stroller... ;)
I'm kidding, I let her hang with her kid for a Little bit of the time

But shortly after, Ben took off to Illinois... And THEN it was time to get serious...about Halloween.

Saturday started with playing around on mt. bikes in the backyard, but after that official business was done, the SHED was decorated!!!
This is where we kept the tunes, food and beverages.

It featured a skeleton on an old schwinn bicycle in the back, a couple strobe lights, some orange stringed lights, many spider webs (some real, some fake!!), lots and lots of entirely unhealthy food (most made by Sami!!...thanks Girl!!) and who knows what else... oh oh! a painted pumpkin on the side that isn't pictured.
Right out side of the shed is where our fire-pit is. We started the sacrificial stew at around 3:30pm ... it featured bacon and... any/every vegetable that was found at the store that Might have a chance in a stew. mmmmm. YUM! Good job, boys!!!
Even Luda dressed up for the festivities!! He too enjoyed the stew...

Many joined us including Einstein, Disco that died, Courtney Love, some guy they introduced as Lenny??, a gay guy in the military, a zombie doctor, the Dude and others... whoah!
The best part was the company, it was just a Good Good group of people...

Sunday was homework/study/clean-up day and Monday we were missing our little Benjamin. When we met my mom in Iowa City (2 hours away for each of us) to get him... the moment he saw/recognized Jared his eyes widened like you wouldn't believe. They BURST open and his little bottom lip tucked under to make that unforgettable toothless smile... and his arms and legs started flailing... I think Jared tried to hold it in how proud he was at Ben's excitement - but I bet he'll remember it for a long long time.

**will post more halloween pics as others get around to it... i didn't have my camera out much at all**

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