Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Green and Orange Tribute

Remember the project I mentioned a couple months ago... The bike Jared is building?
WELL!! The time has come and it is done!!



There were many other process steps... and many more trips to BikeWorld (thanks again, you guys are the greatest...) ...but alas!!!


Jared has his very own, personally designed... campus cruising fixie.
Check out how BRIGHT those wheels are!!!

He wanted green and orange and... for it to glow.
If you look close enough you can see a green tint to the wheels, pedals and the middle part of the handlebars... Yep, those parts all glow in the dark. In typical Jared fashion... it is like No other bicycle out there. He is excited.

Benjamin is soon to follow in his father's green and orange obsession:

Thanks Aunt Deb for the sweater - its perfect for this season!!!


Natalie said...

love, love, love the last picture!!

Its dangerous business walking... said...

isn't it quality!!! ...those eyes... those cheeks!!

Anonymous said...

i must say, i am incredibly impressed with the tangerine-lime machine.

oh yea, and that other invention is pretty cute, too.