Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Good Man

Jared and I rode our bikes to school...
but it was a 25mph headwind and...
I ride jared's mountain bike while he rides the fixed gear.
Since I don't trust him on it yet, I insist on carrying my school bag myself (if he falls... it means my laptop falls... and you don't want to hear the [agonizing] screams of a graphic designer with a laptop in peril...).
Safe to say: the ride tuesday was hard! Almost too hard! I swore off riding to school the rest of the semester (errr 2 and a half weeks...)

The road construction in front of our house

meant we had to ride to school.
It was an amazing 55 degrees and sunny by 8am, too.
This time, I let Jared carry my bag in the basket of Madeline (the fixed gear)
and the whole way to school... he let me ride in front of him so he didn't go too fast.
What a Good Good man.

Although... I think part of it is that he just likes the view from behind..... :)

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