Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shower and Things!

Our apologies for the lack of blog posts (we know you've missed them!).
Things have been amazingly busy, yet... unexciting.
It is as though there is an expectations for grad students to "work hard" or something. Crazy!

If you haven't received one yet and are unaware, the Shower has officially been PLANNED!! (thank you Kris for the planning and thank you Kris' mom for doing the invitations!!! Yaaaay!!! Thank you, Thank you.

It will be May 3rd (we'll put it somewhere that you can remember...).
And it is going to be glorious weather and a great crowd of wonderful jared and Kim fans!

We're registered with Target and with Amazon
Amazon is mostly if you're wanting to help us complete our nursery decorating!!

who DOESN'T think we need THAT cute of a hamper?? c'mon!
:D There are a few other things too, though.


Okay, back to life...

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