Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter is upon us

Well the big burley beast know as COLD is shaking a fist in our faces. What a jerk. I'm .32% convinced that it is part of the reason Benjamin is hating life these days. Well maybe he isn't hating it, but he sure as hell is fussy. He is stuck in this spiral of crap he doesn't want to do in order to do the crap he wants to do *I know that feeling ben, I do* So he wants to go outside, but it is cold out. So to go, he would have to put a coat on. So he cries if he goes outside and it is cold (and his fingers turn purple...) and he is miserable if he has to put his winter coat on. This is a tough predicament for the little man as he LOOOOOVES playing outside.

We have only twice attempted to explain the benefit of wearing gloves to keep hands warm. TRUST US CHILD, THEY WILL NOT MAKE YOUR HANDS DISINTEGRATE!! He swears up and down that they will... I wonder who told him that? Uncle Bruce!??!??

Maybe we should coat them in peanut butter to keep them warm... send him outside immediately after breakfast.... Yes yes... I like where this is headed..........

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