Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wake up alarm

This morning, as the sun was barely awake and the house had just a hint of light coming in. Jared shakes me a bit to wake me up.

I grunt "what"

Soon I hear the /swish/swish/swish/swish/ sound of Benjamin's pants and glance over Jared to spy the little mop head of hair roaming around our room.

Jared is trying to hold in his laughter and I join him in this endeavor.

It becomes increasingly difficult as the /swish/swish/swish/er leaves and comes back with his monster truck in tow. He even pushes the buttons to make it growl and shake or ....whatever it does.

We grin and at that moment I think we're both wishing we knew what the hell went on in our child's head.

The /swish/swish/swish/er leaves and comes back. Kicks Luda out of Luda's bed and from the sounds we can only guess he takes over the bed.

But only for a moment as he of course has to go get his cup.

Upon his return, Jared cannot handle the hiding too much more. Reaches his hand slowly out over the bed and as ben walks by..... GRRRRRRR!!!!

Spooks ben with excitement.


For now...this is a far better way to wake up than someone screaming or yelling at you from another room.

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