Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tree

We put our Christmas tree up over Thanksgiving break:

I almost put my back out as I grabbed it from Ben's room (no, that is a lie...) where it had been up all year! We are not too into the holiday decorating. I suppose it isn't that we don't Want to... we mostly just do not make the time - we spend it on baking edible Christmas things which makes Much more sense to me.

You may recall last years Mario-Log:

but we get by in Jared and Kim fashion. Presents look like this when Jared gets put in charge:
Those aren't diapers in there...Cris will be SO confused! ...What a cute little nephew!

Ben will be confused too i'm sure.... I can't imagine why though, everything in his life makes perfect sense...

(...leave it to Jared...)

Also... it supposedly "blizzard"ed here last night. Unfortunately it was not a Dairy Queen blizzard....mmmm strawberry cheeeeesecaaaake........ instead it was a few inches of crap and wind. I suppose I should be greatful that it swirled around us so we did not get as much as many but... if it is going to "blizzard" ...BLIZZARD then!

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