Saturday, January 30, 2010

Santa's new Home.

This week This week...hmmm
I believe it is official - due to Global Warming, Santa will be forced to relocate to AMES IOWA where there is enough snow for a long enough period of time that it will now suffice as the new "north pole." The move was also motivated by Santa's commute time and fuel prices (lets be honest, Rudolf and the crew turned 60 years old this past year and have no desire to drive a sleigh) both of which will see a dramatic decrease. For those of you wondering, yes the move proves to be more cost effective than Santa switching to a new hybrid sleigh to avoid the higher gas prices. .....

In other news,
Somewhere between here and last week... Benjamin learned to officially crawl... on hands and knees instead of his previous bear-crawl. We're not sure when the development Actually happened, but we just noticed it today.
He is also learning the word "no" as well as tonal cues - we think anyway. Maybe it is just that he gets excited when we talk to him so stops his current path of destruction to turn and see what it is we might have to offer him.

When he isn't terrorizing the house, he is being a Delightful little helper.

Here Ben is helping Jared install new computer parts.

Aaaand here he is driving around. mostly in reverse.

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Nessie said...

You're stealing my heart Ben. Love the pants too. Soooo precious.