Thursday, January 21, 2010

ice storm, big gust & you

Holy ice storm batman.
Iowa's weather has been ridiculous this year.

This picture was actually the day after the ice storm.. the day Of had the Entire side of the house as an ice sheet. Free insulation??


Benjamin finds himself too proud to play IN his stand-up-kajinger that you are so used to seeing him in...It is no longer good enough for his growing abilities:


He sure loves standing.

He also loves computers. Seeing how he was with me during an entire semester of computer induced work and lecture - it is understandable. He is especially fond of the computer when it is time to work on things - maybe I will be able to delegate work to him when he hits a certain age.... I think his symbol designs would be quite developed.

Also, Jared has been into the glass studio a few times since break - He made a delightful gin and tonic glass... someone had to make a gin and tonic to photograph the piece in its intended context/for its intended use...........

And he of course made more pretty mushrooms! This is one of my favorites of his so far. He gave most of his other stuff away before I could photograph it...

That's what we're up to!
Hope every one else is keeping warm and dry where ever you might be!


Natalie said...

the mushroom is awesome!! go Jared!

Nessie said...

Jared, my man, keep me posted when and where you start selling your glassware. I'm loving it. Nice job. You know me, Kim, I'm a Gaffer's Guild groupie, esp. at VEISHA, too an artisan glassware collector. Keep up the delightful work.