Friday, September 11, 2009

Theory vs. Practice

This week, our daycare provider was on vacation, so we had to fend for ourselves.
This meant I got to hang out with Logan on Wednesday morning while Brooke was away. One thing I made note of....*do not have another child when Benjamin is 2* ...not that that was a plan anyway, BUT... holy buckets, 2 year olds are terrifying!

and they move fast!!

Logan is a rather well-behaved child and it helps that he is entirely adorable... but a 2 year old is curious, ready to explore, open any doorway, and explore all coffee table surfaces. Eventually I realized Benjamin will someday be a 2 year old. How on earth does one deal with a TWO year old??!? .......
Then I remembered... the day before Benjamin was born, I didn't know how to deal with a newborn.
I wasn't sure how we would ever figure out how to deal with the first diaper explosion.
Not sure what to do when we'd get spit up on.
Benjamin was 3 months old as of yesterady, and yesterday I didn't know what to do with a 3month and 1 day old kid.
But today is here... and by 8am I had washed poop out of pajamas, been dressed for school and gotten thrown up on, and had been laughed at by a toothless drool-bucket. And not only did we manage... it always creates a sort of fun adventure. And even more importantly, we figured it out, survived it.. and we're ready for tomorrow, too.

SO even though everyone has been telling us all along that ...."you'll figure it out and it will work" ....that was their theory. Easier said than done, but I think watching Logan on Wednesday was a good reminder that we Will figure it out.. and it will most certainly work.

...even if we are all exhausted by the end of the evening when Benjamin has long gone to bed.


The current state of our garage:

Bike-parking rack for Christmas, anyone???

Jared's painting progress:


Anonymous said...

and the good thing - you get to learn from others experiences. like not letting your 2 yr old lock you out of your own house...

im glad watching logan was such an eye opener. i should let you do that more often. :)

Cycle Ninja said...

Brooke, the only way that's going to happen is if Kim wants to give you a trip down memory lane on how to deal with a baby.

Natalie said...

Isn't it amazing the strength you find in yourself and from your own child! Parenting is very scary! but somehow it will always work out!