Friday, September 18, 2009

Bath Time Woes

Well... it is official... officially time to switch to the "sit-me-up" bathtub. Let me tell you why....... nah, let me SHOW you why:

well our little precious man... has been into his grabbing [and inserting into mouth] phase. And though this kidbath of sorts has worked wonders thus far.... well it has a little plug in the bottom of it and... Ben's arms are long enough these days that when he felt that little plug there at the bottom, he didn't know any better but to PULL IT.
Yeah folks... he pulled the plug, and No we don't use the tub IN the regular tub, we put it on a countertop of sorts so it is a more comfortable height. ....
I didn't end up too wet, and it could have been worse, but it was just one of those "ooooh parenting" moments.

Then we shared a few smiles together

and read a few books before bed. Makes a little bathtime accident not seem too bad. :)


Anonymous said...

oh the beginning of getting his hands into ... everything. its a good thing they are cute - smiles and big eyes get them out of trouble.

anand said...

omg he's so big!!