Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thai Kitchen

We went back and forth on what to do for dinner tonight. Such lovely weekends (bicycling, garage organizing, happy baby, bicycle ramp building, Octagon art festival, neighborhood block party!!...studying?) should only be capped off by a night on the town, or at least a delicious feast - right?
So ...we wasted all of our time trying to decide (yes, it took something like 4 hours) aaand by 7pm decided on Thai Kitchen which we regularly eat AT LEAST once a week. Quite possibly the greatest food in town - yeah I said it, better than The Cafe (though I do enjoy the changing menu, variety and AMAZING desserts there, don't get me wrong!).
But as I sit here with my Green Curry, chop sticks in hand, typing periodically... I realize I am full. Then I realize... I could offer it to Jared and he would eat it ALL. ...I could save it for lunch, but jared would... take it before me as HIS lunch leftover... So what am I left to do but gorge myself?!???

Then it occurred to me. Benjamin is also a growing boy.
Soon... he too will want the Green Curry from my plate - he will eye it as Luda and Jared do, WAITING for me to say "I'm done, would you like my leftovers?" ............ . . . .

Well, you can't have them!

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