Friday, December 19, 2008

MOVE IN!!! - by jared

Well, folks, we finally did it!!! Thar she be!

After many long hours of intense physical labor (mostly perform by a host of slaves we got from this guy I know down by the docks).

Well...I was one of the slaves. We had to smile or we would be punished - fifty lashes for poor morale.

We also have tons of food. Check out our fridge. Mmmmmm...cheese and diet Dr. Pepper...Now, I'm no certified expert, but in my professional opinion, that's some high quality nutrition we got there.

AND...we managed to avoid the toe-numbing weather. We had everything moved in well before mother nature decided to use Iowa as her personal toilet to expel of her unappeasing freezing leavings.

And this morning it was all over our driveway. I would like to think that she held it in for as long as she did...just because we were moving.

And now that we've moved, unpacking must be done. Now...unpacking...that's a whole new beast to battle...but if playing video games has taught me anything, it's that you tend to be rewarded with gold and experience points for every beast defeated...and occasionally some sort of item. To be honest though, if moving has taught me anything - I have way more than enough items - just wait till you see my random nick nacks, paddy whacks, trinkets, and whatchakajiggerbobs.

Speaking of unpacking, I nigh plum forgot - we still have to pack so's we can leave tomorrow. We'll have to finish the beast upon the glorious return from our homelands, laden with foreign tradestuffs attained from holiday festivities...and raiding...raiding always gets you the best stuff...

We'll try to keep in touch over the holidays. For now - Merry Christmas to you all, may your journeys be mild and your parties wild!

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Cycle Ninja said...

I was glad to be of service shifting the couch an inch or two after it was all moved in. I will make it up in the form of a nice housewarming present, I promise.