Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mothers Day - For real

Mothers Day was fantastic. 

First, I slept in. Ben stayed with Ms. B the night before so that he could finish my gift which was a delightful little bird house. We hung it up together as soon as he got home. 

Then we proceeded to be successfully lazy! It was the first weekends since February that we were home. Whew! 

We finally got out of our pajamas sometime afternoon and mounted our bicycles for a family ride to downtown. Ali and I wandered over to Om Grown Yoga for s(om)e sacred sweating while the boys stayed at The Village Cafe and played board games.  

I have to say...I don't care for the cookie cutter, beige town of College Station, but Bryan continually makes me smile. More on that some other day.  

The best part of Mothers day was Ben begging to ride the trails together. 

Mostly, he loves to jump. Our very first lap around he turned his handlebars on his landing and eats it. We squirt some water on his battle wounds and carry on. That, I think, is the most educational part about mountain biking. You don't learn to do the really challenging things without messing up a time or two first. Its moments like that that make you, that teach you the beauty of being able to stand back up again.

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