Thursday, August 5, 2010

RAGBRAI pt. 2... the real photos...

This was the extra special crowd who I rode with....

Please note the two on the far left. The one in orange (Rusty-pants) is being licked on the face by the one in pink (Amy). I think it is a compulsive eating issue that Amy suffers from...


Please also note this example of Amy biting me:

Why?? You might ask? Well Amy was on the quest for some Waffles and... the other 10,000 people also wanted waffles so the lines were generally STUPID long. Then as we stopped for the boys to go do whatever it is boys do at 6:30am (hmmm??) Amy got hungry for her waffles... Apparently I am a waffle mirage.

For me... well I'll take Pastafari, please:


I would also like an order of the shorts being worn by this lady:


Not for eating though... just to wear. You have to be Fast I think to wear those shorts and ride a Cervelo...

I would do it. Because I'm fast. So fast in fact that I have my own news van:


And a news interview to go with it... but I can't find it online (though I have not looked Too hard...). Some facebook stalkers (err friends...) told me it was a great interview. I think it probably was - I DID refer to RAGBRAI as the "lazy river of cycling." For those of you who do not pick up sarcasm very well through typed language... I do Not really have my own news van. Although I probably should.

Some other things that happened along RAGBRAI include Stefan preforming a magic trick of fitting himself into a box:


A trapeeze swing (that I sadly missed...)




etc. etc. etc.


Sign up now for Benjamin-sitting so Jared can come along next year!!!!

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