Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our flood and calzones

Unless you have been living in a cave (or you just don't watch news, which is perfectly respectable as most of it is Crap...) you may have heard about Ames flooding.
It may be a tad bit late to inform you that we're perfectly fine up here (in case you hadn't heard from us and assumed our certain drowning...). In fact, on the day of the flood - or when we woke up and realized what had happened over night via Facebook... We stuck Benjamin in the trailer and cruised out to see what all the fuss was about. I did have a 2hour ride planned so it was also a mission to see if there was Any way out of town:

This was the road and the softball diamonds to the east:

This is usually the way we head west:

This is how one would get south:

and though I didn't get a chance to get a shot of the flooded north routes.... this aerial photo may persuade you to trust me...

We weren't going anywhere! And certainly not to campus/work for the day!! RAIN DAAAY!!!! (it is like a snow day except with rain!)

Though we were stuck, we were of the most fortunate in that our home is up quite a way above the flood plane, something we did check before buying!!! We also have no basement which sometimes creates a space crunch, but in this instance... we'll take having a crowded living room over a flooded basement any day.

On the upside... there were still garage sales this weekend!!
Ben found a lawnmower Right away and... wouldn't let that thing go. So for $.25 I splurged...
He still hasn't let that thing go.

We also found an X-Men flip book thinger - he has made us read that about 25 times. He might be able to identify Wolverine before a real Zebra.

In cooking news:

Entirely fresh garden, except the cheese... Calzones. Dough made from scratch...

Yum... Yum. Yum.

I can't recommend enough picking your own veggies/herbs and trying your own custom calzones!!!

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SK said...

gah. everything about this post is inspiring-- the two hour bike ride, the ability to maintain a garden and actually make delicious food out of it, the fact that your son is wolverine.