Saturday, December 12, 2009

how many teeth.

Ben's eating greenbeans these days - on top of cheerios, mashed potatoes, guacamole, cheese... anything else we feel like mooshing and shoving in his little mouth.... WHICH NOW features a tooth on the bootom, Thank You Very Much!

I ecstatically told a friend about the tooth that appeared, and another friend goes "...pssht, ONE... you want to feel how many I have??!?"

Well Brian, this is what Benjamin says to that remark:

Despite the tooth coming in, the little man has been quite the happy camper lately - as long as he's being bounced, dancing, hanging upside down, drooling, eating some inanimate object or getting a diaper change (must be a guy thing...).

He's still cuddly when he gets tired, but he has reallllly started exploring and going after things he wants! He has Jared's attention span for sure... BRIGHT SHINY OBJ....BRIGHTER SHINY OBJEC....brighter bright shiny EDIBLE object!!!!!!!

This weekend Angie came over and we did lots 'o baking!
hmmm where DID all of the cookies go, ben!???? hmmmm???

We had the kitchen all sorts of a mess but the results were well worth it.
After making a few cut out cookies in normal holiday shapes - it got a bit creative. PBR cans, bicycles, and beakers were the most successful ... There is extra dough left, so we'll just have to wait and see what else I come up with.

Little Man has been enduring the snow and chilly temperatures quite nicely with help from his favorite hat. I think this image would have been complete if he were holding a TV remote in his other hand. I feel like I've seen many a man asleep with one hand protecting his feed and the other protecting his viewing selections (**cough cough...surfings**)

Being a parent is really Really neat.

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Natalie said...

aww I love it!! Ben's getting so big!! He looks like such a sweetie!