Saturday, October 17, 2009

And on the 8th day, there was DROOL

As a simple update: Jared's bike he has been working on is nearing completion... Patience, be patient.

We decided that since life has been so hectic that we would stay in this Saturday. And we did. I went to Starbucks with Paul and then to Bikeworld (not many saturdays are complete w/o a trip there...) then stayed home the rest of the day and worked on homework! I didn't even fark around or get distracted by ebay OR craigslist! Angie came over and even she got some homework done! Amazing!

The little man was in a really good mood for the morning, but we think his teeth were bugging him later on in the day... I wish I could describe with words the quantity of drool that falls from this guy's mouth - NIAGRA FALLS people.

This past week we had a little gathering of Brooke and Logan ...

Logan Really likes Ben! But holy buckets... two year olds are CRAZY. Logan is a GREAT kid, really great, but he is certainly an individual. I tip my hat to Brooke (and jordan) for doing school with a 2 year old. I mean... grad school is tough with Ben around... but its not like Ben is trying to open every cupboard in sight or reach for anything/everything on his level!! Our house is far from 2-year old proof. Alas, we do still Love having that kid over! hehe.

Also, and this may freak some people out... but... if ben is hanging on to the couch... he can STAND THERE! his butt wobbles a bit as if he were dancing to some Ludacris playing in his head (he probably is...) but he'll stand there. After about a minute or so he'll decide to sit down, but if we help him back up he'll stand some more!
Wow he's growing fast.

Time to go play in the garage.

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Cycle Ninja said...

Even Logan's shirt gets slobber on it. I think I'll stick to be slobbered by Luda.