Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Early Morning drizzle

This morning, while walking into work after parking my bicycle, I saw a man who looked as though he could be Roger Baer's brother.

Roger, on the right.

And he was riding a bicycle like this:

He was wearing a white dress shirt and dark dress pants. Probably a librarian? (he was parking at the library...). It had rained this morning, so the roads were still drying out. Since it isn't particularly cold here (70 degrees this morning at 8am) I figure the next best excuse someone could make to not ride would be... rain!

And it gave me hope for the world for some reason.

That perhaps there are more Rogers in the world and that perhaps everyone really could commute to school. I wish I would have gone and talked to that man. Ah well, I'm sure i'll see him around. There are only so many roger baer-esk men riding bikes to campus and parking at the library at 8am. :)

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