Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Welp, Jared did it.
errr, is doing it. At this very moment, he is defending allll of the blah blah, narfa narfa that he has been working on here at ISU for the past however many years.
His creation is complete:

Wrong image. That is our future mode of transportation... not jared's research.

THIS is jared's research:

Yeah I know, R. L. Stine came up with this stuff YEARS ago ...and called it Monster Blood:

Significantly more interesting than ....Jared's benzobisblahblahnarfanarf. ;) I don't think the Monster Blood is organic though... Organic in the carbon sense, not in the "USDA Certified Organic" stuff. I have a feeling you wouldn't want to eat or drink jared's research. Then again, would you want to drink Monster Blood? ......"well, if it had an organic stamp on it, of course!"

Where was I?
Oh yes! Jared is done!! In the past 5 years he's gotten some publications, some university awards, some honor cords, some ACS award, a taekwondo black belt, a Benji-pooper, and of!

Yep, Jared has grown from this:

to this:


Anyway.........Congrats, Jared. Love you. :)

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