Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back by popular demand

Turns out. You can type big. But you can't big type.

Or can you?

thanks for not telling me i had crap in my teeth, Jared. Yeesh.

This just in: There are 16 days of class left to attend in this semester. Wow. Time flies.

This also just in: Ben is 17 MONTHS OLD!! jeepers. Time to start researching potty training?

Nah, we're not ready yet either, Ben. Maybe when you can say "poooop!"

Latest breaking news: someone's vocabulary is blossoming and I'm not talking about mine... although I can say benzobisoxc________ol. just don't ask me to spell it apparently.

The list thus far:

most common: "uh.... oooooh" ...for anytime anything falls.
followed closest by: "GOGA!" errr... dog. maybe dog mixed with "luda"
In competition with: "chooo chooo!" the train noise
And of course: "shhhhhz" for "shoes"
the funniest: "tickle tickle tickle tickle!"
followed closely by: "no no"
and: "move"

We count animal noises as words because... animals share conversation too SO:
Penguin: ah ah ah ah
Elephant: the elephant noise, quite impressive.
Tiger ...this one he does repeatedly and is the same noise as
every single dinosaur to ever roam the earth.
Dogs: high pitched ar ar!

ah crap... I'll just make a video. He knows a lot of animals. :)

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